International Car Shows

International car shows offer car manufacturers a platform for showcasing their latest cars to an international audience. All the international car shows held all over the world serve as a common platform for manufacturers to get together, share knowledge and expertise, and announce their plans to an eager world audience.

There are many international car shows that have become extremely important and prestigious over the years. Many of these international car shows are held in the United States. Some of these shows include the Chicago Auto Show, Greater Los Angeles Auto Show, Greater Minneapolis and Saint Paul International Auto Show, the New York International Auto Show, the North American International Auto Show, the Seattle International Auto Show, the South Florida Auto Show, and the Washington Auto Show.

In these shows, many of the cars that have captured the imagination of the world are unveiled for the world to see. This also becomes the place where dealers from the world over come together and have a live talk with the manufacturers. Negotiations take place during the days of the show and agreements worth millions of dollars are signed by various manufacturers with international dealers.

Additionally, these international car shows put the city on the international car map. Such shows are revered the world over, and people mark their calendar every year to visit their favorite international car shows.

The dynamics of car shows over the many decades when car shows first began has changed. Not only existing and new cars are shown, but also concept cars that never see the commercial light of day and futuristic cars are also showcased for the general public and international media to see and write about. This kind of convention of many diverse technologies in car manufacturing and development has done a great deal to promote the development of new technology and architecture for better cars the world over.

Top Iconic Cars That Should Be Insured

Cars are a way that some people display their fortune, taste, and passion. Cars are a status symbol in our country and Hollywood actively plays into this concept. For some shows the cars became the focal point and continue to maintain their stature today. With all that these cars are worth today, one must wonder how much auto insurance is in place to protect these cars. Just like athletes insure the body parts that keep them playing, studios must insure the cars that defined their production. Just like it is important for these cars to have auto insurance, you should also maintain car insurance on your vehicle.

1. 1963 Ford Econline Custom Van: Scooby- Doo

What first started out as a cartoon was recreated into a movie. Being careful to stay close to the original concept this iconic van was recreated to help the gang solve their mysteries. Though it is not as detailed as other cars on the list, this simple design still became a Hollywood icon.

2. 1962 Volkswagon Beetle: The Love Bug

Who would have ever though that the love bug would be a force to be reckoned with? This is the classic tale of not being able to judge a book by its cover. What looks like a simple car has a complete mind of its own

3. 1982 Customized Pontiac Trans Am: Knight Rider

Perhaps one of the smartest cars on the list, KITT works alongside detective Michael Knight. Though the story is a little more complicated than that, this car became Michael’s partner in crime and often times provided humor to serious situations. Though the show was only on for a few years this car help launch its own iconic standing and the career of its driver.

4. 1969 Dodge Charger: Dukes of Hazard

Arguably more iconic than Daisy’s dukes, this car was a staple for the show. While always running from the law enforcement, Bo and Luke seem to have a hard time staying out of trouble. With the help of the General Lee the boys fly around Hazzard County trying to avoid the law.

5. 1982 Delorean DMC-12: Back to the Future

What list would be complete without this icon? What teenager hasn’t wished that they would find a time machine? Granted not everyone wants to be sent back into a different decade because of a slightly off beat scientist, but one can still dream. The perfect time traveling machine if you ask me.

Vintage and Future Cars

As a rule, vintage cars can be classed as the ones that are older than twenty-five years and more often than not, insurance costs associated with these cars is very low compared with the insurance costs of a conventional vehicle, and are normally between the ranges of $100-$250 for it to meet the legal driving requirements of the country. As a rule though, these cars are normally seen at car shows and the likes but are not seen too often on public roads.

Vintage cars require very light servicing and do not normally suffer any severe mechanical problems due to the diligent care afforded to them by their very careful owners, who no doubt have shelled out a large amount of money for them in the first place. Original vintage cars are very hard to come by, especially the ones that were very low in original production numbers. Even when one does find a great vintage car, the prices, as we mentioned above, are extremely high.

Most people who do happen to own a vintage car usually use it during the summer when the weather conditions are at their best and more conducive to driving. It must be said though that vintage cars are now being bought for record prices by auto lovers and a very large percentage are snapped up by vintage car collectors. These collectors then spend more of their time and money on aspects of their hobby like restoration.

Owning a vintage car is a real head turner in any part of the world, but it doesn’t come without very real danger of theft or damage and repairs can be very costly. It is amazing how owners of these cars lovingly look after and maintain their vehicles but it is hard work and driving and keeping the car healthy is not an easy task at all. It requires much time and of course a lot of money.

Cruising down the highway in an old convertible is the ultimate American dream but can anyone envision how our future cars will look like? Concept car makers and scientists have a future vision of bio diesel electric cars built out of light weight materials. Items like the car windows could be made of special composite materials and are estimated to weigh up to 50% lighter than today’s vehicle glass and will also be much stronger and shatterproof resistant.

It is all well and good looking into the future with all the anticipated types of cars which may or may not turn out to be reality. It’s also great to think that in the very near future, fuel efficiency will be increased beyond comprehension without the additional worry of the green house effect as well. Obviously these things haven’t happened yet and may not happen at all but one thing for sure about the present day – if any sees a vintage car on the road, it is always going to turn their head just as much as any modern (or future) sport car would!